Innovative Fuel

Innovative Fuel is a new project of ‘Hardbone International Pvt Ltd’ with Aim to resolve the energy crises in Industrial sector of Pakistan, especially in the field of Cement, Fertilizer, steel and to introduce scrap tyre chips as Tyer Derived Fuel (TDF).

As a energy source, TDF has good potential as compared to other fuel source alternatives. TDF has a high fuel value of approximately 12,000 to 16,000 BTU per pound, compared to coal (12,000 BTU per pound) and wood (5000 BTU per pound).

Scrap tire-derived fuel, or TDF, is used because of its high heating value. Compared to other commonly used solid fuels, the heating value is 25-50% higher than coal and 100-200% higher than wood as per Guideline issued by Government of Pakistan.

TDF Standards

ASTM 6700-01 “Standard Practice for Use of Scrap Tire-Derived Fuel”

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approved ASTM 6700-01, an International Standard for TDF, in 2006. ASTM Standard D-6700-01 “Standard Practice for Use of Scrap Tire-Derived Fuel” offers end-users and potential end-users an industry-accepted standard against which they can compare all tire chips.

Latest News

Cabel Way (Dasu Dam)

April 22nd, 2016

On the completion of our cabel way project at Dasu Dam district Kohistan with Haji  Muhammad Farooq GM Dassu Dam.

haji 1

Solar Collector/Reflector

September 25th, 2015

Ceo  Hardbone Int with  Mr Khalid Malik (DGM) EDB Mr Muhammad Shahzad (DGM) EDB visit of  Solar Collector site at KIM’S Biscuit’s Hatar.

edb 8 edb 6


Ground Breaking Ceremony at PMNH

February 13th, 2015

Strenghtning of Security and Safety Measures at PMNH Inaugration by Dr Khalid Ahmed Chairman PSF and DG PMNH.



Executed Projects

  • A private project of Mr.N.K.Salik botanical hospital botanical research college, presentation hall, botanical garden total area 132 kenal covered area 30000 sft.
  • Construction and Rehabilitation Works in MSF Belgium Pharmacy.
  • Construction of 12500 sft Mezzanine Floor in warehouse of MSF Belgium Steel Structure with wooden roof.
  • Construction of workshop 1500sft In MSF Belgium Islamabad.
  • Water Proofing of Logistic Warehouse Roof MSF Belgium Islamabad.
  • Construction of Chlorine Storage Room in MSF Belgium Islamabad.
  • Construction of Cold Chain Room in MSF Belgium Islamabad.

Scientific Achievements

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