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Whether you are a Contractor looking for a supplier with vast knowledge of building materials or a Home owner looking for a general contractor to execute your project, our Company can Help.

Hardbone International (Pvt) Limited finds pleasure working with all Respectable Clients, Members and Visitors at this platform where you can view Latest Projects.

Hardbone International has futuristic Vision in Engineering Sector implementing the Innovative Construction and Engineering trends of 21st Century.

Latest Machinery is used to achieve Complex Demands Efficiently in Lesser Time.

Hardbone successfully accomplished several Projects in various sectors. Core strength has been the execution of Civil Engineering projects such as:

Infrastructure Development, Offices, Residential Accommodations, Houses, high rise buildings, hospitals, universities, convention centers, environmental projects etc. In order to do this we are all the time studying and applying sustainable and best available engineering solutions in terms of technology, machinery and improved human resources skills etc..