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Hardbone International is dedicated to design, renovation and customers services. High quality, and competitively priced. With our experienced designers and engineers, our product and services encompass the sale of Interior and Exterior Signage, as well as Architectural, Design, Production and Installation Services. We provide you with a simple and cost effective solutions to a wide range of design and renovation needs. Our Mission is to provide our clients with top quality products and services while performing beyond their expectations in the area of services, support and pricing. Our standard customer services included free consultation on site and 3-Dimension Design.

  • Make accurate assessments of existing conditions
  • Compare options for cost-effective solution.
  • Perform seismic upgrades of lateral-load-resisting systems, with four actual case studies
  • Restore fire-damaged buildings*Repair and strengthen slabs on grade
  • Renew facades with improved structural integrity
  • Renovate and strengthen buildings of all framing types-steel, concrete, post-tensioned concrete, wood, masonry, and pre-engineered metal

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