Tunnels Forming Consultancy Services

Hardbone offering modern tunnel farming consultancy services in Pakistan. We have a great tunnel farming consultancy team in Pakistan. We have experts that specialize in production of on-season and off-season fruits and vegetables in tunnels. Through tunnel farming you can get off season vegetables in through the years. We have expert team consultancy to grow organic vegetables via tunnel farming and green house farming. Tunnel farming mean poly house to control the temperature. We deliver consultancy services to ensure safety, value, efficiency and reliability for your tunneling projects. Our professionals providing consultancy services in the planning and implementation of agriculture projects for the purpose of increasing the productivity and profitability by adopting technology-based solutions for tunnel farming. We help customers gain maximum outcomes from their projects through investigation and analysis.

Low Tunnels.

Low Tunnels farming is also known as “Hoop House” farming because even though they are unheated structure. They prevent damage from cold and frost. These types of tunnels mainly intended for the for the production of cool season vegetables. These low tunnels are typically plastic hoops covered by the plastic sheeting. Low tunnels can be used to grow vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots and peas early in the season or later into the fall or winter.

Walk in Tunnels.

A walk-in tunnels or grower house is a low unheated, partiality covered structure that utilizes a rigid frame for support. These tunnels are typically at least 10 feet wide and 25 to 100 feet long with sloped roofs. Walk in tunnels are ideal for both spring and fall production because they offer some protection from the elements while also allowing natural air movement.

High Tunnels.

A high tunnel called a ridge house, hot house or sun tunnel is an agriculture greenhouse structure with a sloped roof and tall, vertical walls that allow sunlight to penetrate deep. High tunnels are often used in combination with sprinkler or drip irrigation systems because of their high soil temperatures and humidity levels, which hinder prohibit evaporation. High tunnels have significant role in suppressing weed growth without using herbicides.

We provide following Consultancy services in Tunnel farming