High Pressure Pipe line Installation and Maintenance:

Hardbone supplies high-pressure pipes and its maintenance services. Pressure-piping is concept which is used to contain fluids at high pressure. The main aim of piping design is to configure and lay equipment, piping and other accessories meeting relevant standards and statutory regulations.

The term “process piping” generally refers to the system of pipes that transport process fluids (e.g., air, steam, water, industrial gases, fuels, chemicals) around an industrial facility.

Our proficient mechanical engineers and labour of pipe fitters work on heating and cooling systems. They pipe up small boilers, chillers, air handling units and related components inside and outside the residential and commercial buildings.

Types of Pipeline:

Classification of pipes:

Hardbone International has offer pipe line services to their potential customers. We have classification of pipes are schedule and nominal diameter. Pipe is typically ordered using the Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) standard and by specifying a nominal diameter (pipe size) and schedule number (wall thickness).


The piping design and engineering involves six (6) major steps: Selection of pipe materials on the basis of the characteristics of the fluid and operating conditions including maximum pressures and temperatures.

Design Codes:

Hardbone International have different Design of Codes that define the rules and regulations deemed necessary for safe design and construction. For example, the piping codes address the following design requirements: