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Interior Designing Services

Certified Professional Interior Designers are available for Structural Interior Designing (SID) and Comprehensive Interior Designing (CID) at Hardbone International Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad.

Interior Designing: Objectives and Targets

Hardbone Intl’ focuses on best Practices of Interior Designings, Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, Flexibility, Timelessness, Durability & Maintainability, Compatible to achieve optimum functionality of Interior Designing.

Interior Designing: Approach & Execution

Hardbone adopts Programing Approach towards functional requirements and Understand User’s needs through deliberate discussions, meetings, Surveys & Market-Based researches.

Structural Interior Design (SID)

Expert Selection & Coordination of interior Materials and Finishes that are part of the building or are built-in items such as cabinets and equipments.

Comprehensive Interior Design (CID)

For an Integrated Visual Design Theme for Architectural and Interior design, we Design, Select and Develop Interior building materials, finishes, special effects and furnishings. 

Interior Designing: Furnishings Offered

A wide range of Furnishings is offered under Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) including:

What We Commit

Hardbone International Pvt. Ltd.

M/S Hardbone International Pvt. Ltd. is PEC, OHSAS 18001:2007 Registered and ISO 14001:2009 & 9001:2015 Certified Construction Company in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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