Hardbone Modern Fabricated Steel Structure Service

We offer high-quality material Structural steel fabrication services in construction to its customers. We meet the quality standards to avoid secondary maintenance. We design and fabricate steel structure residential and commercial buildings, homes, warehouse, offices. Our professional team provides the best streel structure fabrication according to the customer requirement. Our expert’s meets the customer need and demand.

Method of fabrication of steel structure

Hardbone use unique process of steel fabrication involves grinding, welding, cutting, bending, drilling, punching, burning or melting and other general crafting methods using various high-quality tools and equipment. The entire steel fabrication process is systematic and doing all these with planning, precision, and knowledge.

Fabrication Steel work

Fabrication is an industry term that refers to the handling of raw materials (such as steel) to make machines and structures. The services of fabrications are needed to build the parts of a working system and then throughout the process. This specification covers the supply of materials, including fasteners and accessories, fabrication, galvanizing and testing of components for steel structures.

Hardbone Application of Structural Steel Fabrication in Construction

In the construction industries, structural steel usually arrives in the pre-fabrication phase and is fabricated on-site. Steel is one of the most generally employed materials of construction time. Without steel, the structure does not make a definite while seismic tremors like earthquakes etc. The utilization of steel is constantly expanding everyplace encyclopedically in development systems and civil engineering- related fields. The application of steel in development structure came a common practice, the weight of the structure material and the forces of graveness and pressure defined the endurance, stability in structure, and its architectural possibilities. Pre-fabrications reduces how much work needs to be done on-site, fast-tracking projects. Our experienced team use modern techniques for steel structure fabrication services. Its application area includes